Wholistic Care, Transformative Change

Treating the whole person, Body & Mind, in one place, with one coordinated approach


As the field of neuroscience evolved, so too did our understanding of the mind and body. We now know they are intimately connected, and that to treat either in isolation is, at best, to address half of the whole. 

From this understanding stems a new approach to mental health, one that combines integrative treatments with therapeutic care to address both the physical building blocks and the psychological underpinnings of mental and emotional wellbeing.


In the same way that mind and body are intimately connected and can't be treated in isolation, so are the different aspects of psychological experience. While analytical approaches to psychotherapy capitalize on the logical, adult parts of our brain, they often neglect the emotional, sensory  and nervous system components of experience.

And unfortunately for most of us, were we able to think our way out of the psychological state that's plaguing us, we would have done it long ago. 

Combining a comprehensive understanding of psychology with relational, somatic and structural dissociation psychotherapy techniques, I help clients go beyond analyzing thoughts to emotional processing and psychological integration.

Naturopathic Medicine

Our thoughts and emotions may be intangible, but their infrastructure is physical. They are mediated by chemical messengers, transmitted via the nervous system and interpreted through complex networks of brain cells - a physical framework that is subject to physical processes. 

 Physical stressors, inflammation and chemical imbalances all have mental and emotional effects. Similarly, emotional traumas and negative thought patterns cause physical, hormonal and neurological changes.

Combing integrative medical assessments with targeted, individualized treatment, we balance the physiology to facilitate the psychology.