The Way Back To 'Together'

Because Out of sync Doesn't mean out of love


Relationships are inherently challenging. While intimate connection serves some of our deepest human needs, it also tends to confront our deepest insecurities. 

Our patterns and models for how to be in relationship are installed at a very young age. And even if we've had wonderful examples for those patterns, it doesn't mean that they match our partners’. 

From conflict and poor communication to emotional distance and infidelity, the core of many relational issues are often rooted in our own attachment patterns.

By assisting couples in moving past the content of their disagreements to the issues that underly them, I help clients to not only address their present concerns, but to transform their way of being in relationship in general.


Helping Couples Heal Relational Wounds, Solidify Their Connection and Rekindle The Romance


Relationship Concerns 

Emotional Distance

Communication and Conflict Resolution Difficulties

Lack of Romance, Passion and Desire


Financial Issues

Relationship Desires

Friendship, Companionship and Intimacy

Fondness and Appreciation

Physical, Mental and Emotional Connection

Trust and Commitment