What's Your 'Normal'?

Has 'Just Getting By' Become a Way of Life?


As we struggle to persevere under the weight of sadness, hopelessness, fear and inadequacy, living takes a back seat to surviving.

We all have a survivor within us; a part that carries us through the bad times and holds us together when we feel like falling apart.

It's a brilliant evolutionary adaptation - and an unhappy way to live.

As "survivor" goes from being a part that protects us during times of stress to just who we are, it loses it's adaptive value.

From anxiety and depression to PTSD and BPD, mental survival tactics can drain years from our lives, leaving us struggling just to get by while the pleasures and joys of life seem just beyond our grasp.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

With extensive training in trauma, attachment and neurology, I go beyond psychoanalytic and talk therapy - because unfortunately for most of us, were we able to think our way out of our emotional state, we would have done it long ago.

By combining cognitive, relational and somatic psychotherapy with EMDR, IFS, attachment theory and sensorimotor techniques, I help clients move past talking about their experience to processing through it. The goal is never "coping with" but "moving past."


Thriving, not surviving.